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Pregnancy with an IUD

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Pregnancy with an IUD

The widely used intrauterine devices (IUDs) have high rates of efficacy and are simple to use. Nevertheless, utilizing an IUD might occasionally result in a woman getting pregnant. We will discuss the dangers and signs of getting pregnant while using an IUD in this post, including ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. We will also go through what to do if you suspect an IUD is the cause of your pregnancy.

Understanding IUDs

To prevent conception, a tiny, T-shaped device called an IUD is put into the uterus. IUDs come in two basic categories: copper IUDs, which block sperm from accessing the egg and don’t release any hormones; and hormonal IUDs, which thicken cervical mucus and stop ovulation by releasing a small amount of progestin. With a failure rate of fewer than 1%, IUDs are one of the most reliable methods of birth control.

Hazards Associated with IUD Pregnancy

Despite being uncommon, pregnancy can happen while using an IUD. Pregnancy concerns while using an IUD include

  • Ectopic pregnancy: An egg that has been fertilized may occasionally implant somewhere other than the uterus, such as the fallopian tubes. Ectopic pregnancy is what this is, and if untreated, it might be fatal.
  • Miscarriage: Compared to women without an IUD, women who fall pregnant while using an IUD have a greater chance of miscarriage.

IUD-related Pregnancy Symptoms

Depending on the kind of IUD and the location of the pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy with an IUD might change. With an IUD, typical signs of pregnancy include

  • Missed period: Pregnancy may be indicated if you have a normal menstrual cycle and miss a period.
  • Irrational bleeding: Spotting or bleeding in between cycles might indicate pregnancy or an issue with the IUD.
  • Cramps and discomfort: An ectopic pregnancy may be the cause of cramps and pain, particularly on one side of the abdomen.

How to Proceed If You Believe You May Be Pregnant While Using an IUD

It’s crucial to visit a doctor right away if you suspect you could be pregnant while using an IUD. Both a pregnancy test and an IUD position check can be done by your doctor. Your doctor could advise removing the IUD if it is still in place and the pregnancy is still viable in order to lower the chance of difficulties. Emergency contraception may be advised in specific circumstances.

IUD Use in Pregnancy Prevention

There is a very minimal chance of becoming pregnant even if IUDs are quite successful at doing so. It is crucial to frequently check the IUD’s strings to make sure it is still in place in order to lower the chance of pregnancy when using an IUD. See a doctor as soon as you can if you develop any odd symptoms, such as cramps, discomfort, or unusual bleeding.

Although it’s uncommon, pregnancy while using an IUD can be a major problem. See a doctor right away if you suspect you could be pregnant while using an IUD.

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